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All-Season Tires Austin_Spencer_tires.jpg
One of the most popular types of tires sold today, all-season radials, are designed to handle dry and wet surfaces, and some amounts of snow.
Performance Tires
These tires are designed to provide more grip and handling. They let you "feel the road" and drive with confidence. The trade-off is that these tires are generally more expensive, their tread may wear down faster, and some ride comfort is sacrificed.
 All-Season Performance Tires
This new breed of tire combines the features of performance tires with the features of all season tires. It meets the needs of high performance cars in dry conditions, but also handles rain and light snow.
Winter Tires Austin_Spencer_performance_tires.jpg
These tires are specially constructed to grip snowy surfaces. Even the rubber is specially formulated to stay pliable in the cold and give you better traction on icy roads. However, this same construction features make snow tires prone to more rapid treadwear than other tires on dry surfaces.austin_spencer_F250.jpg

Note: If you normally use high performance tires on your car, you should be aware that the addition of winter tires will dramatically affect the way your car handles. We strongly recommend winter tires be placed on all four wheel positions.



Get the most from your tires:

Doesn’t it feel like you are buying tires almost every year? Who really likes to go tire shopping? And trying to make sense of all the options and what is really the best deal and the best option for your vehicle? Well here are a few tips on how to maintain your tires and how to make the most of your money.
Tire maintenance is as important as changing the oil. Properly maintained tires will last longer and will save on fuel costs as well. There are four keys things to keep in mind when it comes to tire maintenance:

Pressure – Proper inflation pressure is essential for achieving maximum performance and mileage. Improper tire inflation pressure can cause severe internal tire damage. Improper inflation pressure may result in rapid or irregular wear. Underinflation is the leading cause of tire failure. Pressures should always be checked when the tires are cold and at least once a month. Vehicle manufacturers list recommended tire pressures for original vehicle tires in the owner's manual or on a placard on the end of the driver's side door or in the glove box along with the proper tire size.

Alignment - Misalignment of wheels can cause uneven and even rapid treadwear. Have your alignment checked periodically and anytime you buy new tires.

- Tire rotation is vital to achieving even tread wear and long tread life. Rotation is necessary because of the uneven wear characteristics of each wheel position on the vehicle. Rotate tires at the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended intervals or at 5,000 - 7,000 miles if not specified. A good way to remember this is to have your tires rotated every other oil change. Another thing to keep in mind is 80,000 mile tread wear warranties for some tires are if tires are properly rotated.

Tread – Tires must be replaced when the tread is worn down to 1/16” in order to prevent skidding and hydroplaning.